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Avengerworld - The Avengers in Our Lives

Tatiana Bakina, Roy Bettridge, Vincenzo Boccini, Koen Braem, Barry Clarke, Derek Dubery,
Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Ben Elshout, Robert Fairclough, David Fakrikian, J.Z. Ferguson, Dick Fiddy,
Margaret Gordon, Sarah Hadley, Alan Hayes, Alys Hayes, Martin Holder, Frank Hui, John Humphreys,
Lauren Humphries-Brooks, Philippa Jacobs, Piers Johnson, B. Jones, Brendan Jones, Denis Kirsanov,
Jan van Leeuwen, Joseph Lloyd, Rodney Marshall, Dave Matthews, Richard McGinlay, Alistair McGown,
Anthony McKay, Mona Morstein, Peter Motte, Irina Nikitina, Alex Pinfold, Michael Richardson,
Dave Rogers, Joris Royer, James Speirs, Christine Stutz, Olga Svecharnik,
Kimberly Thompson, Jason Whiton, Stanislaw Wiatrowski and Jaz Wiseman

From its debut in 1961, The Avengers soon became a worldwide cultural phenomenon, rewriting the rulebook of television drama along the way. It was a revolutionary series that led by example, always playfully pushing the boundaries, twisting perceptions and defying those who wished to pigeonhole it. Despite its lofty achievements, it never forgot that its primary objective was to entertain its audience. And entertain it most certainly did, inspiring successive generations to welcome The Avengers into their hearts. 

Right from its foreword by pioneering television historian Dave Rogers to its afterword by Jason Whiton of SpyVibe, Avengerworld celebrates the series, its international fandom and its fans. Over the course of more than forty essays, Avengers fans the world over relate how they first encountered the series, how they grew up with it at their sides, forged friendships, engaged with fandom, and were inspired to do extraordinary things.

This title is available in these editions:
Deluxe Hardcover with Dust Jacket
Perfect Bound Paperback

228mm x 152mm - US Trade Size
294 pages - English language

Paperback ISBN 978-1-326-52250-6

Published 6th February 2016

Champion Chanzige, a charity organisation that exists to improve conditions for underprivileged children at a primary school in Southern Tanzania, has benefited from the publication of this book.


Total funds raised for Champion Chanzige
through sales of Avengerworld:




Proceeds have paid for a water harvesting system to be
bought and installed at Chanzige Primary School.

Paperback available from

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