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Avengerworld - The Avengers in Our Lives

Our Charity Partner - Champion Chanzige

Paperback available from

In October 2013 I visited Chanzige Primary School in Southern Tanzania. Many schools in Tanzania are horrendously under resourced and have little access to basic needs such as pens, pencils and paper; all the things that our own children take for granted. The families of the children have to provide their offspring with exercise books, and find providing this basic necessity difficult.

Chanzige School has no electricity and struggles to deliver even a basic curriculum. Although these children and their community have very little, they are among the happiest, warmest and most welcoming people that I have ever met. The children at the school consider education to be a privilege and are desperate to learn.

On my return, I set out to try and make a small difference to these children by setting up Champion Chanzige. The charity will remain small and will have minimal overheads with no salaries or rent payable, but we aim to help these inspirational young people, their families and their wider community and can guarantee that every penny that we raise (gift aid included!) will reach, and make a difference, to the children and wider community of Chanzige.

We are thrilled to be associated with the Avengerworld project, and thank all those involved for their generosity.  

Philippa Jacobs
Co-ordinator, Champion Chanzige

Champion Chanzige receive a donation for each copy of Avengerworld sold.

It is also possible to donate funds directly to the charity via their website, www.championchanzige.com
and at their Givey page

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