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Two Against the Underworld - The Collected Unauthorised Guide to The Avengers Series 1

Paperback also available from

The following reviews relate to previous editions of this book

Review at Sci-Fi Online

From the Archive - A British Television Blog

"Received my copy of The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes yesterday. Looks gorgeous in hardback and it had me up late last night poring through it. Fascinating stuff, giving me a chance to experience the first series in more detail than ever. That's something which I've wanted since reading the first Dave Rogers book nearly thirty years ago. Essential Avengers reading. Really looking forward to the follow-up volumes."

Gareth Humphreys

"Got this book a few days ago. Hardback. It's really glorious - far, far better than I ever expected it to be; yes, I knew the content was going to be great (look at the authors), but it's a very nicely produced work too. Easily the best Avengers book to date."

Frank Almiles Mole

"This book is a fantastic addition to The Avengers series of books that are out there. It truly lifts a lid on what everyone has missed from the very first season that starred Ian Hendry and Patrick Macnee. Many thanks to Alan and Alys Hayes and to Richard McGinlay for bringing this volume to everybody's attention."

Roy Bettridge

Review at Starburst Magazine (9/10 rating)

Review at Sci-fi Online (10/10 rating)

Review at John Steed's Flat (in German)

Review at Lou Reviews

Other reviews:

"This book is amazing. A fully comprehensive volume on the production of the first year of the show. Authors Richard McGinlay and Alan Hayes have gone in depth once again and have definitely delivered the goods to explore the lost year that every fan wants to see; the Ian Hendry era of The Avengers. Like everybody else I'm wanting these first year missing episodes to be found. Many things have been written or said over the years about this historic lost year, but with diligence and dedication the authors of With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes (along with their first publication The Strange Case of The Missing Episodes) take a different path to inform us not only of the actual story BEHIND the series but also of what all of us are missing out on. This book is a must for every fan. A thoroughly enjoyable read that deserves a ten-star rating."

Roy Bettridge

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