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Magnet Memories - The Story of a Secret Series 1977-1987

The television series that was never made and that you’ve never heard of celebrates its 40th year with an exhaustive retrospective guide!

On 17th November 1977, a nine year old boy sent a journalist into peril whilst waiting to leave for school – and a hero was born!

Growing from a child's game into intricately drafted storylines, the bizarrely-titled The Magnet Editor ran for ten years and a breathtaking 47 series.

In bringing the series to life, Nick Goodman drew inspiration from 70s pop culture including Doctor Who and The New Avengers, and shared it only with his bewildered mother and a select group of childhood friends. Jo Bunsell was one such friend and soon a partnership began that transported them both into a shared universe of preposterous – and badly designed – monsters and non-stop adventure in the company of their extraordinary and strangely-named hero, Cabin Relese.

For the first time Goodman and Bunsell open up their archive of materials and memories, and take you on a roller-coaster ride into their world! By turns Magnet Memories is an episode guide, a frank, critical, incredulous and nostalgic reflection, a snapshot of childhood in the 70s and 80s...

...and above all, it is possibly the most wonderfully bonkers cult TV book ever published!

This title is available in these editions:
• Casewrap Hardcover
Perfect Bound Paperback

Hardcover: 152mm x 228mm - US Trade size
ISBN 978-0-244-07368-8
706 pages - Illustrated - English language

Paperback: 168mm x 260mm - Comicbook size
ISBN 978-0-244-97367-4
556 pages - Illustrated - English language

Published 24th March 2018


Available at

Amazon Hardcover £34.99
Amazon Paperback £19.99

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