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Hidden Tiger are also delighted to announce a second edition of our Avengers Series 1 book Two Against the Underworld, which has been revised in the light of the recovery of the previously lost episode Tunnel of Fear. This remarkable find has spurred the authors to heavily revise the Tunnel of Fear chapter and has also permitted us to revise and add to the remainder of the book. The essay concerning missing episodes and the search to locate them has received particular additional attention!

Original authors Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes and Alys Hayes have overseen the process, with the new book focusing on the narratives and the behind-the-scenes story of The Avengers' most mysterious set of episodes. Available in hardcover and paperback print formats, with PDF and Kindle electronic editions also available.

Our previous title is also a bit special - and was in the works for more than a year. It's a charity non-fiction anthology called Avengerworld, and it focuses on the "Avengers life stories" of fans of The Avengers. In addition to a foreword by pioneering television historian Dave Rogers and an afterword by Jason Whiton of SpyVibe, 43 Avengers fans have shared their memories of growing up with the series and explain why the series means so much to them. The Champion Chanzige charity, which supports a poorly resourced primary school in South Tanzania, will benefit from each copy sold. To date, proceeds from sales have paid for a water harvesting system to be bought and installed at the school.

Another of our recent titles, Tales from the Moonstone Inn, was originally released by us as The Moonstone Inn and Other Stories in 2011. It's been given a brush up and was reissued in February 2014 in a deluxe format containing everything that was in the original edition, plus a little bit more. This represents the book's debut in hardcover and Kindle formats. Order here.

Finally, Fury from the Deep - A Relic of the Old Time has been issued in hardcover, meaning that all our books are now available in this format.

Hidden Tiger now plays host to four websites: The Avengers Declassified (about the classic British television series of the Sixties and Seventies), JSFnetGB (a history of It's A Knockout and Jeux Sans Frontiθres), Tapezine Matrix (about Doctor Who audiozines) and Kapitein Zeppos (about a charming Belgian children's television programme of the 1960s). If you enjoy these websites, you can support them by buying Hidden Tiger titles.

If you have any queries about our books or the ordering process, or you just want to say how much you enjoyed one of our titles, please drop us a line at hiddentigerbooks@gmail.com.


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