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Tales from the Moonstone Inn

The two novellas presented in this volume – The Moonstone Inn and The Man Who Tossed A Sixpence – are mystery adventures with Australian and South Pacific settings. Dark schemes, evil deeds, hidden hoards and guarded secrets abound, mixed with dashes of romance, humour and local colour, not forgetting of course, Francis W. Strapp's stiff-upper-lipped heroes and virtuous heroines.

The collection includes two short stories featuring characters from The Moonstone Inn – The Copenhagen Sails Tonight and The God of Luck. A third short story, To Save France, documents a Parisian woman's act of bravery in the First World War. Also presented are Strapp's other surviving writings, including poems, letters to the press, and draft versions of two novella chapters, both of which are reproduced directly from the author's handwritten manuscripts (typeset in Kindle and EPUB eBooks). Several items in this section are exclusive to this edition.

The collection also boasts photographic illustrations, a foreword by the author's great-niece Mary Steel, biographical information by Rita Hayes, and afterword essays by the editor, Alan Hayes, focusing on the author's life and the settings for his stories.

This title is available in these editions:
• Deluxe Casewrap Hardcover
• Perfect Bound Paperback
• Kindle eBook
(not illustrated)
•EPUB eBook
(not illustrated)

228mm x 152mm - US Trade Size
472 pages - English language

Paperback ISBN 978-1-291-73385-3
eBook ISBN 978-1-291-34445-5

Originally published 2011 as The Moonstone Inn and Other Stories
This edition published 4th February 2014

This new edition is slightly resized to facilitate a hardcover version,
has been rejacketed, contains all the photographic illustrations from the
original edition and features revised biography and afterword essays
plus exclusive content from Francis W. Strapp's archives
located in 2013 (accounting for approximately 9 new pages).

Paperback also available from


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